Informational website + e-commerce platform (250 products)

Unlimited changes to the website

Advanced SEO

SSL security included

Free logo design

2 Domains

Microsoft subscription (email, online Office cloud storage)

Support Tickets for Microsoft Services Management

Explore our Enterprise Plan, a robust solution for ambitious businesses. This package blends a dynamic website with a scalable E-Commerce platform for up to 250 products. Enjoy unlimited updates, advanced SEO, and SSL security, all complemented by a free logo design. Enhance your operations with dual domains, a Microsoft subscription, and dedicated support for seamless management. It's the ultimate toolkit for a thriving online presence.


Included in the Enterprise Plan are two domains: a primary for hosting Microsoft emails and a secondary for up to 100; 1gb email accounts. This dual setup not only streamlines email management but also saves costs by offering essential emailing services alongside quick communication options for users.

With two domains in the Enterprise Plan, you have flexibility. Create two distinct websites—one for information and another for e-commerce—or consolidate everything on one domain for simplicity. The secondary domain can also link to your main site, offering versatile options to suit your business needs.


For an initial setup fee of £149.99, our comprehensive service delves deep into the intricacies of E-Commerce, setting the stage for a thriving online storefront. This investment ensures meticulous product categorization, secure payment gateway integration, and a user-friendly shopping experience tailored to your target audience. We prioritize seamless inventory management, efficient order processing, and intuitive navigation, all designed to maximize sales and customer satisfaction. With our expertise in E-Commerce best practices, you'll be well-equipped to capitalize on the digital marketplace and drive revenue growth from day one.

For a monthly hosting fee of £20.00 / month, our subscription service ensures your digital platform remains at the forefront of performance and security. This ongoing investment covers essential hosting services, including server maintenance, uptime monitoring, and regular backups, safeguarding your website's integrity and ensuring uninterrupted access for your customers. Additionally, our dedicated support team stands ready to assist with any technical queries or updates, providing peace of mind as you navigate the dynamic digital landscape. It's a monthly commitment designed to uphold the reliability and efficiency of your online operations.

For just £5.00 / user/ month, our dedicated Microsoft email subscription not only elevates your business communications but also offers a generous 1TB of storage for both personal and collaborative use. This expansive storage capacity ensures ample space for documents, media, and files, facilitating seamless access and sharing. Whether you're working individually or collaborating with a team, this feature enhances productivity and organizational efficiency. With 1TB at your fingertips, you can confidently manage projects, store critical data, and collaborate on documents, all within a secure and integrated Microsoft environment.

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